My name is Maryna Salagub. I was born in Ukraine. I discovered my love of painting when I was a young child. I attended an art studio in Ukraine for eight years, it was my second home. I had a great teacher Boyko Nikolay Yakovlevich. He taught me how to paint, but more important - how to enjoy and see beauty in our everyday lives.

In 2010 I immigrated to Canada and began painting again. I am happily married and have two children. I used to draw at my kitchen table for years till I set up my own studio. I was working as a sales associate in children clothing store and then accountant/ receptionist at online wood selling store before I got laid off and started my journey as full time artist.

My illustrations are whimsical, full of bright vivid colors and movement. I enjoy adding small details to my illustrations. These details encourage children to look at the pictures more and more making new discoveries each time.

I strongly believes this: "Don't search for miracles, create a miracle yourself".

I am a full time artist for more then 10 YEARS. My favorite medium is watercolor, but I also draw with oils, ink, coloring pencils, acrylic and digital art. I like to draw fun and happy art which makes you smile, giggle and brings you joy. My favorite subjects to draw are ocean creatures, dinosaurs and animals.

My art career started as freelance children book illustrator, and I already illustrated over 40 children books. I also illustrated and published over 10 coloring books for adults and kids. I made a clothing line with my digital illustrations. I created fabric patterns with my watercolor art. I draw a series of watercolor food illustration. I make and sell digital clipart of my watercolors which creators can use in their projects.

My focus as an artist is daily watercolor drawings for Goodfairyart shop. I already shipped over 4000 prints from my home studio in Oakville, near Toronto, Canada.

Recently I started actively update my Instagram and Youtube accounts with videos and tips for artists.

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