Hi! I am Maryna Salagub, artist behind Goodfairyart. I grew up in small town in Ukraine. As a child, I went to local art studio, where I had incredible art teacher. He taught me how to paint, but most importantly – how to enjoy and see beauty in our every day lives. When I was studying art I worked mostly on illustration projects, as it straightened my imagination muscle and kept my brain busy and my hands working.

In 2010 I immigrated to Canada and was inspired by magnificent Canadian nature and wildlife. The first month in Canada I was lucky to see real moose in the wild. I live in Oakville, Ontario with my husband, two kids, two birds, two fish and guinea pig.  I began drawing children book illustrations, which represented my love to animals and my profound interest in illustration. When I did not have a project and wanted to draw for myself, I started to doodle creatures. First it was a hobby, but then it became a habit. I played with oils, pencils, inks and watercolors. Later I developed my loose and effortless watercolor style.

My illustrations are whimsical, full of vivid colors and movement. I enjoy adding small details to my illustrations. These details encourage children to look at the pictures more and more making new discoveries each time. I strongly believe this: “Don’t search for miracles, create a miracle yourself”. Drawing animals depicts my childhood love to them.

In my gallery at my own home, I start my painting with the idea. Most of my paintings set out with few pencil strokes. This strokes later shape into creatures. Next, I make loose sketches on the paper. Then I step back, asses. Furthermore, the magic happens. Lines turn to shapes, shapes turn to animals, animals jump to actions, vibrant colors emerge and then turn to brilliant rage of hues.

I want to create beautiful and playful spaces for the widest possible audience. My art helps to connect wildlife with the world of people. I draw life of animals as they lived their regular life – taking bath, brushing teeth, drinking coffee, reading a book. This is a driving force of flourishing interest in wildlife from the people. Excitement that animals implement their daily habits rases people’s curiosity to uncover Goodfairyart.

My art not only creates a playful space, but brings emotions – a smile on your face, a giggle, a conversation, a motivation, a daily routine reminder. There are numerous use of my art – from encouraging kids for potty training to decorating children dentist offices! What makes my art outstanding is the distinct personality of my animals – grinning shark, relaxed whale, curious bear, smart octopus. They all have their own character waiting for you to be discovered.


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